IOM improves the living conditions of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in sites and settlements, ensuring equitable access to services and the provision of assistance to all persons in need in the regions of Kismayo, Dolow and Baidoa.

Through CCCM, IOM facilitates coordination among humanitarian actors to maintain strong service provision, strengthens community governance structures through capacity building, whilst also contributing to durable solutions by working alongside local authorities to place displaced communities at the center of decision making.

IOM is the global co-lead of the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster.


  • Supporting the establishment, development, and growth of Camp Management Committees (CMC).
  • Ensuring accountability to affected populations through a multisectoral Complaints and Feedback Mechanism (CFM) that allows communities to express their feedback, ask questions, and report concerns.
  • Coordination of humanitarian actors, local authorities, and community representatives to provide life-saving services to displaced populations.
  • Site development and site improvement activities in order to reduce community identified risks and protect against flooding 
  • Communication with communities (CwC) – including risk communication, community engagement, and awareness raising on key health, hygiene and social practices
  • Participatory community projects such as the Women Participation Project (WPP).