IOM’s Community Stabilization portfolio addresses the multifaceted drivers of instability caused by conflict and climate change. The activities support communities and the Federal Government of Somalia to restore peace and lay the foundations for a longer term, sustainable recovery whilst mitigating the drivers and negative effects of displacement in fragile contexts. 

Stabilization and early recovery efforts also seek to bolster confidence in communities emerging from conflict toward nascent local governance structures, strengthening the state as a viable alternative to extremism. 

The interventions are carried out at the request and in collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Federal Member States. 


  • Supporting government to deliver pre- and post-recovery services to enhance trust and rebuild legitimate institutions
  • Facilitating government-led, community-driven action planning and enhancing local investment in priority projects  
  • Supporting grassroots intercommunal mediation and reconciliation efforts
  • Promoting access to credible information through high quality research and analysis, including the Community Stabilization Index (COSI)