The Displacement Tracking Matrix or DTM is a global tool developed by IOM to track, monitor and share up-to-date information about displacement, cross border mobility and trends in flood and drought affected areas to facilitate tailored responses to the needs of displaced populations. 

The data collected by DTM is used as baseline and needs assessment to inform and guide the design of IOM Somalia programmes using a strong evidence-based decision making. 

The data collected through DTM is also made public on DTM Somalia’s webpage and disseminated to the Federal Government of Somalia, donor governments, multilateral agencies, and national and international NGOs.


  • Flow Monitoring (FM) – DTM monitors migratory flows in seven Flow Monitoring Points (FMP) on international borders. Flow Monitoring registers cross-border incoming and outgoing movements, their origin or destination, and their reason for movement. The data is then displayed on a live FMR dashboard, monthly and annual reports, and shared with partners to feed into regional and global analyses of migration flows.
  • Mobility Tracking – Mobility Tracking provides a country-wide mapping of the presence and estimated numbers of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), returnees (from internal displacement and from abroad), absentees, and residents in both rural and urban locations, as well as basic needs, vulnerability to climatic shocks and existing coping mechanisms. Through the Emergency Trend Tracking it can also provide basic information on displacement and needs within 96 hours of rapid displacement alert following an emergency.