Through working with governments and other stakeholders, IOM’s Immigration and Border Management (IBM) programme seeks to contribute to efficient border and migration management policy and structure, and help to prevent irregular migration, criminal activity and protect the rights of mobile populations. 

Somalia’s borders are porous and characterized by high mobility trends. IOM’s IBM programme supports the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), in particular the Immigration and Naturalization Directorate (IND), in promoting safe and orderly migration and mitigating security threats since 2007.  

The programme provides technical support under six thematic areas:

Infrastructure and Equipment

IOM works with stakeholders to build and upgrade infrastructure and equipment at Ports of Entry (PoE) and immigration offices and supports officials to navigate data analysis systems to inform migration trends and assist to manage migration.

Development of Legislation and Policies

IOM works with the IND to address current immigration trends and aligning them to international standards and human rights. For example, the drafting of the Immigration Act (2019) and Passport Law (2019), but also Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for frontline immigration officers.

Border Management Information Systems (BMIS)

Developed by IOM in 2009, the Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS), is a high-quality, user-friendly and fully customizable Border Management Information System (BMIS) for States in need of a cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to border management. The system collects and analyses travellers’ passport details and biometric data to inform migration trends. It enables intensive border management cooperation among the regions.


Humanitarian Border Management (HBM)

To improve migration management for crisis-induced displacement and transnational mass movement, IOM seeks to maintain border security and implement appropriate border management responses during humanitarian crises.

Border Management Capacity Building

IOM assists in increasing technical knowledge and strengthening institutional capacity on migration and border management, aiming at long term sustainability. This includes delivering training courses for migration officials, as well as ‘training of trainers’ (ToT) programmes in order to facilitate knowledge sharing. For example, HBM to improve effective management of crisis induced displacements and mass movements across borders while ensuring border security is maintained, MIDAS, English Language & Customer Care training. IOM has also developed a mentorship programme to support various units of the IND on its respective expertise (e.g. HR, Finance, Planning & Statistics, Visa & Passports).


Inter-agency and Regional Cooperation

Increasing regional cooperation to form cohesive and integrated responses to mitigate potential transnational crime and piracy activities at Somalia’s porous borders and its neighbouring countries, this includes increased capacities in risk analysis, improved coordination with regional counterparts and stronger interviewing and fraud detection capabilities.


COVID-19 Response

IOM assists relevant national entities and frontline officials in enhancing inter-agency and cross-border coordination on COVID-19 preparedness and response, as well as facilitating access to emergency healthcare for migrants